Translate English to French in Philadelphia

Our native French speakers, with expertise in different fields, will translate your English documents into French.  Speed, accuracy, quality and competitive prices, sets us apart from the competition. We keep your data private and secure. We have ISO certifications which are a testament to our consistent quality delivery over the years. We are a member of professional translation bodies; you are not dealing with an obscure internet company rather an established professional translation company. We translate for the following industries:

Translating for IT and telecom industries

Are you a vendor of hardware and software? Are you deploying IT infrastructure in your offices around the world? Do you need the software and accompanying documentation translated? Search no further, we have experience and expertise in translating IT and telecommunication data. We translate software's, and mobile applications help files, menus, terms &conditions, data sheets, pre sales content, labels, packages, user manuals, user interfaces, licenses, and warranties. Even if French is spoken in Europe, Africa, and Canada, our experts recognize the subtle differences in language, dialect, and culture. Each translation is therefore tailored to the target market. Facebook, twitter, linked in and other social media applications also require translation to all the main world languages. We also translate games and ensure we use icons, words, and phrases that are suitable for each culture.

Legal translation services

Law firms represent clients of all nationalities. Courts also serve diverse populaces. How do you ensure that justice is served even when the suspect presented before a Philadelphia court only understands French?  Translation is the bridge that connects the mainly English speaking legal system to different witnesses, suspects, and plaintiffs. We maintain 100% accuracy; any omissions have grave consequences. We are discrete; we don't share your information We sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients. Legal transcripts, contracts, agreements, affidavits, patents, summons, rulings, lawsuits, will and probates are among the legal documents that we translate within short periods.

Translating for governments

Government correspondences require the highest level of privacy and accuracy. An error in translation may spark major diplomatic rows. Our translators understand international affairs, government functions and possess extensive experience in translating the same. We also translate for government agencies who serve ethnically diverse residents and nonresidents. We translate decrees, Gazette notices, websites, briefing, treaties, agreements, reports, and Hansards.

Medical translation services

Our medical translators have expertise and experience in medicine and science. From microbiology, chemistry, human anatomy, pathology, we cover all fields. We have ISO certifications, so you never have to worry about inaccurate data. We have consistently upheld high standards of quality. We translate for hospitals when treating non-English speaking patients, doctors in foreign hospitals, research institutions, universities and pharmaceutical companies. Examples of medical and scientific documents we translate include prescriptions, applications for patents, medical records, research findings, clinical trials, medical device manuals, lab results, brochures, labels, and packages. All your medical records are held securely; we ensure that patient's privacy is not compromised.

We also translate business documents such as tenders, bids, contracts, agreements, minutes, warranties, employee handbooks, product catalogs. We also cover fields such as infrastructure, transport, sports, manufacturing, marketing, and finance.

Whether you require a certified translation or not, we are your go to translators. Apart from our highly competitive rates, we also offer attractive discounts to bulk and returning customers.