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Certified Translation Services Edmonton

Technovate Translations has been created to offer the best quality of translation services in Edmonton, Canada. By working with highly qualified native speaking translators, we guarantee translation services that are the highest quality by working with the ISO 17100 certified standard as well as Translators that are certified. 

For the years we have been in business, the success of our company has mainly been anchored on offering the best translation services at competitive rates. This, however, could not have succeeded if we didn’t employ translators who possess superior professional experience and hold translation or a linguistic degree. Not only do we focus on the accuracy of the translation we also work with the tone and subject matter so you get the same understanding no matter what language we’re translating into.

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We have worked with hundreds of Edmonton businesses both large and small to help them with their translation needs in the legal, technical, industrial, marketing and medical fields. Every project we translate goes through two expert linguists. One translates the text and the second expert reviews it and provides the checks and balances needed to ensure accuracy.  We don’t charge hidden costs or project management fees.

Are you an Edmontonian looking for a certified translation of your license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, police records? At Technovate Translations we have a simple yet professionally proven way to complete the translation process without leaving your home. Call us to find out how.

You are looking for a translation company in Edmonton that you can trust and will do the work needed and on-time. Technovate Translations works with a specific standard to ensure every area is covered. From selecting the proper translator with the right education or the correct type of experience is all guided by the standard we follow. We also work with a second translator that must have the same experience as the first to ensure the right final product.

When working with businesses we ensure all of our clients in Edmonton feel safe with their files being secure. Should there be local issues to address we are also ready to adjust and ensure all of our Edmonton clients are satisfied. If you're a business in the Edmonton area and are looking for technical translation of a manual you need to call and ask your question as we've translated thousands of manuals.  

We encourage all businesses in Edmonton that need translation both large and small to call us to get a quote for our services.

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