Translation Services Canada

Technovate Translations is one of the most professional companies that provide translation services in Canada. As a world-class translation company operating in Canada, our reputation rests on the timely delivery of our quality translation services. We have the capacity to provide a wide range of translation services such as technical translations, legal translations, medical translations, and even website translations.

With a team of professional native speakers that we work with, our translations services have always been appreciated by our clients. As one of the professional translation companies in Canada, we are fully committed to the provision of translation services that are professional and affordable. With a team of expert in-house translators, Technovate Translations is not just any other translation agency; we are your preferred translation agency!

It does not really matter what your need might be; whether it is a multilingual creative marketing literature such as medical tests, financial documents, transcreation, healthcare translations, technical documentation or user manuals, pre-release software checks, we have the best translators that will work on your project.

Once your project is completed, it goes through one of our project managers and then to our quality control specialists to review and check to make sure that the document is ready for client submission. For the period of time we have been providing translation services in Canada; we have gained extensive experience that continues to help us carry out other projects.

We have been able to implement a tested workflow, and of course, working with the best breed of professionals in this field. Our main aim is to ensure that all your materials are read, heard, and understood in all corners of the world.

At Technovate Translations, we provide ISO 17100 certified translation at competitive rates. We do not quote low and include certain hidden extras to add on the bill. When you come to us for any kind of professional translation service, we will ensure you have your document within the fastest time possible.

We also work with the latest in technology that allows for overall consistency along all your documents. Our translation portal also keeps projects organized and on-track to ensure  projects are delivered on-time. To recap, we give you timeliness, exceptional quality and subject expertise with a translation process that ensures accuracy – a win-win scenario for our clients.

Technovate Translations is easy to work with and we’re also here to provide answers to specific technical projects you may encounter from time to time that you need help with. Trust us with all your translation projects. We’re here for you.

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