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Document Translation Services Ottawa

legal translation services Ottawa

Ottawa — Power to the Politicos

Of all Canada's major cities, none are as powerful politically as Ottawa. The fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, Ottawa houses the Prime Minister and all the constituents of Canadian government. With so much happening in one city, the international spotlight on Ottawa is strong, drawing power players and tourists alike to the area. On any given day, tour buses sit in front of Parliament Hill as thousands of people every year take in the greatest sites on the Canadian political landscape. At Technovate Translations we understand the importance of Ottawa and its importance to Canadian business and one of the reasons why it makes up a big part of our client group.

A big part of being a good translation firm is being in tune with a city’s needs in order to provide expert service to members of a particular community, in this case the city of Ottawa and surrounding regions. At Technovate our ability to provide technical translation services for high tech firms and being a support backstop for certified translation services for Ottawa’s law firms keeps us valuable members of Ottawa’s business community. We’re always ready to answer the call to parts of the federal government when they require ad hoc technical translation services.

If your company requires French translation or legal translation in Ottawa Technovate is ready to answer the call and meet or exceed your requirements. In fact, we translate in over 200 languages and dialects. Certified translation services are available for all documents. The following is information that relates to the Ottawa region and how Technovate relates to it.

Certified Translation Services Available for Government Documents and Certificates!

Certified Legal Translation Available for Law Firms


Top Ottawa Industries
High Tech Federal Government Tourism
Health and Education Finance, Insurance, Real Estate


  • Ottawa has been a global leader in IT for over 30 years. It is one of the most diverse and hottest tech hub in North America.
  • AccelerateOTT is a conference in Ottawa that assembles hundreds of tech giants, investors, industry veterans, innovators, founders, and entrepreneurial partners from across the world. It is a conference that strives to connect and equip firms and entrepreneurs, helping to promote their commercial success and growth.
  • BAYVIEW YARDS: is an energized and dynamic Prototyping Lab that provides manufacturing, prototyping, and custom design services and expertise to multinationals, entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • SageTea Ottawa: SageTea is a forward-looking production system and software product that automates large parts of the work involved in software development. It can address the issues related to software complexity to make things simpler. The application helps a wide range of organizations to extract tremendous software capability.
  • TASKE Technology Inc.: For more than 3 decades, the Taske Technology’s contact center software has helped organizations in optimizing their customer interactions. This has helped to facilitate innovation, drive operational efficiency, and reduce customer frustration.


  • Canada is a parliamentary democracy: The constitution provides that there shall only be one parliament for the country comprising the House of Commons, the Senate, and the Crown.
  • Ottawa has allowed territorial governments to deal with matters pertaining to administration of justice, health and social services, public education, and municipal government. These powers are handed down from the federal government through devolution.
  • Canada is a constitutional monarchy with the head of state being Queen Elizabeth. However, the Constitution limits the powers of the Queen in government. The Queen is just a figurehead leader. Every government action must be carried out in the name of the Crown.
  • According to StatsCan 1 in 3 federal employees work in Ottawa-Gatineau.
  • Federal employees comprise 20% of the workforce in Ottawa-Gatineau.


  • There are over 15 museums in Ottawa, with the most visited being the Canadian Museum of Civilization. It is also the most visited museum in Canada.
  • Canada is home to the Rideau Canal. This one-of-a-kind canal is the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. It is teeming with boats that meander through it during autumn, summer, and spring. In winter, it becomes the largest ice skating rink in the world.
  • There are more than 30 major festivals in Ottawa. The most famous of all is the Canadian Tulip Festival, which is held every year in May.
  • Another attraction in Ottawa is the Château Laurier Hotel. This hotel is believed to be haunted by Charles Melville Hays’ ghost. Charles is the president of the company that built the Château Laurier Hotel. He died on the Titanic 12 days before the official opening of the hotel.


  • Ottawa has four main hospitals. It also has many other specialized clinics and hospitals.
  • The Ottawa Hospital is a system of hospitals in Ottawa. This system of hospitals was formed as a result of a merger of Ottawa Civil Hospital, Ottawa General Hospital, Ottawa Riverside Hospital, and Grace Hospital. The system is an affiliate of the University of Ottawa and its campuses. There is a research center and a cancer center within the facilities.
  • Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario: This is the biggest children’s hospital in Ottawa. It serves both western Quebec and Eastern Ottawa. Apart from offering treatments for children, it is also a trauma center. CHEO is affiliated with the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital.
  • The University of Ottawa is the biggest bilingual university in the world. It offers both English and French learning. Ottawa offers courses like Health Sciences, Arts, Education, Law, as well as Social Sciences.
  • Carleton University is a public university in Ottawa with an operating budget of $400 million. It offers over 50 academic disciplines and more than 60 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is known for courses in technology, architecture, international affair, public affairs, and journalism.
  • Saint Paul University is also a bilingual university in Ottawa. It is a Catholic university that’s known for courses such as theology, philosophy, canon law, human relations, counseling, public ethics, conflict studies, and communications.


  • Department of Finance Canada operates under Canada’s Ministry of Finance. Its aim is to create financial policies that ensure the Canadian economy is healthy.
  • Of all the metropolitan Canadian areas, Ottawa has the 6th highest household income. The median household income in Ottawa is more than $80,000 which is above the national average. Ottawa is the cleanest city in Canada and the 3rd cleanest city globally.
  • Ottawa has three main types of insurance policies: property insurance (this is to cover buildings, tenant’s improvements, equipment, stock, etc.), business interruption insurance (to cover events that interrupt business) and liability insurance (to take care of third party claims).
  • The policies can be paid by monthly installments or in two or three payments.
  • In 2019, Canada had a national population growth of 560,000. the current unemployment rate stands at 5.2%. These two factors are expected to benefit the real estate landscape in Ottawa.
  • In Ottawa, apartment prices have been increasing since 2017. House prices in Ottawa rose by the highest margin in 2019 compared to other cities in Canada.
  • Many baby boomers, as well as some millennials, are choosing to rent rather than buying homes. The real estate market in Ottawa has been the hottest in Canada.



Technovate Ottawa Stats (2020)
Businesses Served Projects Main Industries Main Docs Translated
315 1786 Federal Government
High Tech
SOP Docs
Marketing Docs


Major Schools in Ottawa
Carleton University University of Ottawa Algonquin College Collège La Cité
High Technology
Data Science
French Immersion
Technology & Trade
Health & Public Safety
Media & Design
Applied Sciences
Apprenticeship Prog


Making the Scene

Dynamic and flexible translation services are imperative in a place like Ottawa. As the capital of Canada, a bilingual country by law, Ottawa is constantly at the forefront of both the country's official languages. Ottawa is situated just across the river from Quebec so every document and every sign in the city has to reflect both French and English. Technovate is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals' stay accurately connected regardless of perceived language barriers. We provide translation services in a number of critical areas, including:

  • Technical User Manuals (software to heavy machinery to engineering documents)
  • Complex translation (documents which are more focused on advanced terminology, such as medical, legal, and bio sciences)
  • Document translation (marketing documents, tourist information and advertising)
  • Certified & Legal Translation (Translation for law firms that are meant for court)
  • Software and Website translation (multi-lingual and lengthy)
  • Emergency translation – No matter your deadline we can deliver clear and accurate translations

Plus, Technovate provides live interpretation to clients for business meetings and on tour buses, always making sure our clients are getting the best experience possible.

Standing out from the Pack

What sets our translation services in Ottawa apart from other translation outfits? First and foremost it’s our dedication to our clients and the community. We’re available over the weekend and evenings by email to translate emergency corporate projects. We’re also committed to quality and professionalism with our internally certified systems that meet or exceed Canada’s CGSB131.10 and the ISO 17100 certifications. If for some reason your project is too complex or deadline is too tight for your present translation provider in Ottawa reach out to us and we’ll answer the challenge. We’re able to handle any project with our team nearly 7,000 translators and our track record. Life moves fast in a city like Ottawa, and Technovate has cemented its reputation as one of the most well-known and respected multi-language translation agencies in the industry by never failing to meet their clients' high standards.

In order to keep Ottawa functioning at the most productive level possible, accurate, efficient translation service providers are a necessity. Call Technovate Translations today and let us become your go-to translation agency in Ottawa.